Wednesday, 12 August 2015



My name is Eve Chadwick, blogging was always the out of there thing that I secretly always wanted to do. It was the creative personnel thing that my role models did, I looked at them and I'd think I wish it came so easy to me. Then the draw my life craze came out on youtube and I learnt other people had been through horrible things, I wasn't alone! and that gave me a bubbly, curious sort of hope. So I thought why not have my little space online where any idea could pop into my head and it could be there for people to see or to comment on to relate to.

Many things have happened in my life that destroy me force me to crash down to the ground and I can't say I'm a perfect person that over comes all of those terrible things; but I can say that sometimes you have to look around you and think that someone else probably has it worse, much worse. You don't have to forget about your problems you just have to look at them differently.

This blog came into my mind to accomplish something, my brother has a memory like a computer and my sister has a sort of drive that lets her complete music grades faster than me, she gets better marks on tests without trying; everyone at school recognises her are the best singer in the school and I've always felt a bit rubbish next to them.

So this blog I hope, shall open doors that let people comment kind, encouraging things that fill me up with hope inside.

Feel free to read, comment and enjoy my posts. I hope you liked this post and hopefully the next post to come. I, Eve Chadwick am very excited to become the Blogger I want to be. Very excited indeed!